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‘Focus on Productivity’ Makes Blum Novatest a Real Leader…

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Blum Novotest is a renowned manufacturer of innovative and high precision measuring and testing technology. It develops and manufactures solutions to the highest quality standards with the aim of boosting customer productivity. It offers:

Quality – Advanced and absolutely reliable solutions that meet the highest quality standards are at the heart of the company. Its sole function is to “guarantee the efficiency of your manufacturing process.”

Innovation – Blum sees itself as technological pioneers and innovators in the field of measuring and testing technology. “With us, you are always one step ahead.”

Reliability – Its products stand for uncompromising precision in every environment. This means you are always on the safe side.

Personality – Blum fosters long-term partnerships with its employees, customers and business partners. After all, fairness, trust and reliability are always built on mutual cooperation, it says.

Commitment – Blum’s comprehensive service extends far beyond the normal and is fully focused on the individual needs of its customers. Your success is its success

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