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Going Paperless With PSL Datatrack

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Efficiency and attention to detail is key to any subcontract precision engineering business. The transition to a paperless operation on the shop floor is becoming a practical reality for many users of PSL Datatrack production control software, supported by the system’s Document Management option.

Document Management isn’t just about saving files – it’s about streamlining the entire manufacturing workflow. Utilisation of Document Management places all relevant documents at the user’s fingertips, neatly organised and linked to individual records like specific quotation or works order numbers.

One of the most significant advantages for subcontractors is the elimination of printed documents. Staff no longer need to sift through filing cabinets in search of particular documents (particularly beneficial during ISO and other audits). Instead, everything is seamlessly stored within the software, instantly accessible through the ‘Documents’ tab in the following modules:

When evidence is required, the relevant Document Management folder is available at the click of a mouse. Users can effortlessly call up files on screen, providing concrete proof whenever necessary. Having these documents to hand adds an extra layer of reliability to the production process.

The simplicity of accessing and interacting with documents within PSL Datatrack is a gamechanger. Files are saved to a designated folder and shown via a list box within the relevant module. Double-clicking opens the file in the relevant associated program, be it Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word or something else, allowing for quick review and/or editing. Moreover, the direct integration enables swift access to save, edit or delete files directly related to the record on the screen.

By embracing Document Management, which ensures comprehensive coverage of essential functions, subcontract precision engineering businesses take a significant step towards a paperless future. This transition isn’t just about environmental responsibility; it’s a strategic move towards optimised operations, improved accessibility and continued compliance in an increasingly digital landscape.

At a time where efficiency and attention to detail are paramount, PSL Datatrack’s Document Management option is essential. It’s more than file storage – it’s a catalyst for streamlined business processes and ultimately enables subcontractors to thrive in a paperless environment while maintaining necessary quality and accreditation standards.

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