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Offering Intelligent Aqueous and Solvent (Modified Alcohols) Cleaning Solutions for Industry-Demanding Applications

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Kemet International is a leading provider of cleaning solutions that cover a wide range of industrial applications. With a complete turnkey solution to your cleaning requirements, Kemet can help you find the optimal solutions to your cleaning needs, whether it’s a completely new cleaning project or a review of an existing one.

Achieving effective and efficient aqueous cleaning can be difficult, and it requires a harmonious interplay between chemistry and equipment. To address this challenge, Kemet can offer more than 300 cleaning fluids, tailored to meet the specific needs and regulations of new applications. Additionally, Kemet has the resources of its partners at NGL’s Laboratories, where chemists study, formulate, develop, and manufacture cleaning solutions. This partnership assists in process validation and approval of preliminary tests, saving time in the development of customer projects, and guidance and assistance in preparing specifications for equipment investment.

To ensure all requirements have been considered, Kemet has a dedicated test centre with the latest equipment, including the new Versa Genius+ system packed with a host of features available for testing. With this, Kemet aims to ensure the necessary equipment is specified and provide the best solutions to your cleaning requirements.

Experience the advanced capabilities of the Corus Activa ultrasonic cleaner, designed with an integrated loading platform for efficient cleaning of complex, large, and heavy components. The sturdy platform ensures effortless and safe loading and unloading of parts, while the treatment cycle incorporates a dunking movement. With this innovative design, enjoy the fastest and most uniformly clean results powered by cutting-edge ultrasound technology.

Our Vacuum Solvent Cleaning machines employ a comprehensive vacuum treatment cycle throughout all phases, guaranteeing exceptional cleaning of finished products by eliminating waste and oily substances without any harmful emissions. By utilising modified alcohols with a flash point above 60°C under vacuum conditions, there is no requirement for ATEX approved-rated manufacturing machines, leading to cost savings on construction expenses.

Kemet International is a reliable supplier of intelligent aqueous cleaning solutions tailored to meet the demands of various industries. With the latest equipment, dedicated test centres, and a partnership with NGL’s Laboratories, Kemet aims to provide the best cleaning solutions for new and existing projects. Contact Kemet International today on Tel: +44 (0) 1622 755287 or Email: for your ultrasonic cleaning needs.

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