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Optimax Measurement Solutions at MACH Stand 18-610 features Production Metrology

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Explore Optimax Measurement Solutions at MACH on Stand 18-610 for innovative Production Metrology. As a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) approved supplier, Optimax delivers and supports high quality inspection and measurement systems, supporting the UK manufacturing industry.

Visit us from 15th to 19th April to witness the latest instruments allowing manufacturers to achieve and uphold high-quality results.

Our showcase will spotlight production metrology, featuring a diverse range of instruments that can be seamlessly integrated into manufacturing processes for inspection and measurement purposes. The exhibited products include 3D scanners, vision inspection instruments, vision CNC 3-axis measurement systems, benchtop optical comparators, coordinate measurement machines, and autonomous AI-based automated machine vision.

Featured products will be, from eviXscan, the eviXmatic 2.0 Automatic scanning and measuring system. The eviXmatic is an automated five-axis 3D scanning system that enables measuring and quality inspection of objects with minimal operator’s involvement. A dedicated” Automation” module built into the scanner software allows to connect the device with the scanner in an easy way. The eviXmatic is conceived for repetitive, fast, precise measuring and quality inspection tasks is a valuable addition to any production line where objects of complex shapes are manufactured and need to be verified.

Another featured product will be the Bruker Alicona InfiniteFocus G6 3D optical metrology system. The InfiniteFocus G6 is an accurate, fast, and universal optical 3D measuring instrument designed for optical surface roughness measurement & shape measurement, suitable for all surfaces including smooth and highly polished surfaces. Operating within the µm and sub-µm range, this device provides precise results regardless of component size, material, geometry, weight, or surface finish, all accomplished with only one optical sensor. This system can be fully automated using the MetMax software which has the core thinking of “what do I measure” and not “How do I measure”. Thanks to this evolution, users do not need any specific metrology knowledge to perform robust measurements with the coordinate measuring machine. MetMaX contains all the necessary knowledge on how to acquire and evaluate 3D data. The knowledge of how-to best capture and evaluate 3D data is part of the software.

A third featured product will be the Inspekto S70. This is a fully equipped out-of-the-box industrial visual inspection product with unprecedented simplicity & immediacy, that can be operationally deployed in less than a day.

It combines a unique electro-optics system with the breakthrough Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI™) technology , to deliver a visual quality inspection solution that is versatile, extremely easy to deploy, adapts to changes in the production line and requires no machine vision expertise.           

Additionally, our display will encompass HD and manual remote visual inspection borescopes, along with a selection of handheld measurement tools for everyday use.

For those seeking integrated solutions, Optimax offers tailored options by combining various products to meet specific customer needs.

Join us at Stand 18-610 to explore the future of Production Metrology. The show runs from 15th – 19th April, and registration is open now.

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