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Sharmic Engineering’s Subcontracting division is functioning and powered by the sun!

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With the help from Solar Select and AMS Scaffolding every vibratory finishing machine is now powered by solar energy. Sharmic’s target has been to team up with the Low Carbon Opportunities Program with the European Regional Development Fund to produce low carbon and use renewable energy technologies. This will help reduce running costs and improve profitability, while increasing environmental awareness, energy resilience and energy supply capacity.

The assessment report produced by Briar concluded carbon emissions reduced by 5.0 tonnes CO2e by implementing their report’s recommendations. Generation capacity at the site would increase from 0 kWp to 26.98 kWp, which is estimated to provide 38% of the forecast annual electricity consumption before export.

The aim of the Low Carbon Opportunity Programme is to help businesses reduce carbon emissions by adopting renewable and low carbon energy technologies which will reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, whilst providing security of supply and derisks potential future cost increases.

Project Objectives
Sharmic Engineering Limited is keen to tackle its energy costs, which are a significant element of total operating costs, as well as reducing its carbon emissions and resulting environmental impacts. Additionally, renewable energy technologies can provide resilience to economic changes in the form of fluctuating energy prices, and improved energy supply security using decentralised generation.

Sharmic Engineering Limited recognises the benefits that by adopting renewable and low carbon technologies, the company can reduce operating costs and energy supply risks as well as reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental performance.

Objectives for Implementation
To identify cost-effective renewable energy and low carbon technology opportunities across all aspects of the site’s activities.

Low Carbon Opportunities Programme is a partnership between Worcestershire County Council, Bromsgrove District Council, Malvern Hills District Council, Redditch Borough Council, Worcester City Council, Wychavon District Council, and Wyre Forest District Council.


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