NPL to lead 7 new energy and environment projects

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) will lead seven new European collaborative projects, following the final round of project calls from the European Metrology Research Programme(EMRP) before the proposed introduction of its successor, the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) in 2014.

 The 2013 EMRP Call provided funding for joint research projects to address challenges relating to Energy and the Environment. Following a review of the bid proposals, the EMRP Committee has selected 23 projects for funding.

NPL is involved in 18 of these new collaborations and is leading seven of them. This brings the total number of EMRP projects NPL is involved in to 89, making the EMRP a significant source of funding for measurement science research in the UK.

The EMRP has successfully funded a new selection of projects each year since 2009 to address issues from health and industrial innovation to the redefinition of the SI units of measurement. The proposed €600 million European Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) is designed to build on the success of the EMRP, with more industrial involvement leading to even greater impact. EMPIR will be delivered by European members and partners of Europe’s Metrology Community (EURAMET) with support from the forthcoming Horizon 2020 initiative.

NPL will be looking to continue its record of successful bid proposals and high-impact projects within the new programme framework.

New NPL-led EMRP projects:

  • Validated inspection techniques for composites in energy applications
  • Sensor network metrology for electrical grid characteristics
  • Measurement tools for Smart Grid stability and quality
  • Traceable characteristics of thin film materials for energy applications
  • High Impact Greenhouse gases
  • Metrology to underpin future regulation of industrial emissions
  • Metrology for Earth Observation and climate


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