Our new 3D sensor offering flexibility, high measuring speed and impressive performance

The Comet L3D 2 is the latest ultra-compact 3D Sensor from Zeiss. Providing great flexibility, a high measuring speed and an impressive performance, this sensor is ideal for use within a variety of 3D Scanning applications.


This Comet L3D 2 has been designed for mobile and flexible use. In comparison to its predecessor the Comet L3D, this new sensor is half the size and lighter in weight, enabling ease of manoeuvrability to, around and from site.  Effective scanning time is ensured due to simple on-site calibration which allows for a swift lens change.


Using innovative technology Comet L3D 2 possesses a fast and high light intensity camera allowing for data capture flexibility. It automatically senses changes in vibration and exposure, and when combined with its high measuring speed, ensures reliable data capture on different object surfaces.


Needing minimal preparation time and space the Comet L3D 2 can be used in cramped conditions and still process high quality measurement data when used with the project-orientated colin3D software for data processing. This software generates easy false colour comparisons for individual analysis as well as reports for documenting measuring results.


This new sensor is the ideal solutions for use with a range of demanding applications such as quality inspection, design, rapid manufacturing, reverse engineering and much more.


If you have any questions regarding the Comet L3D 2 and would like to speak to an advisor please call 01527 897 283.



Steinbichler UK Team