Paragon partners with Somos® to introduce its latest SLA material

High Performance 3D Printing with Taurus

Paragon partners with Somos® to introduce its latest SLA material

Darlington-based RP service provider, Paragon Rapid Technologies aims to remain at the forefront of the 3D printing industry by adding a high performance SLA resin to its material range. Taurus is one of the latest materials to be developed by Somos® (a product brand of DSM) and is one of the first SLA resins to produce fully functional parts suitable for use in harsh environments, such as under-bonnet in the Automotive sector or for functional testing in the Aerospace industry.

Continuous application development by Somos® has included rigorous testing in partnership with OEMs like Toyota Motorsport, resulting in the production of a durable resin with the look and feel of a traditional thermoplastic that can withstand raised temperatures of up to 90°C. Offering industry leading thermal and mechanical properties, Taurus combines typical SLA accuracy for smooth surfaces and fine details, with the toughness and temperature resistance required for end-use applications.

Managing Director at Paragon, Phil Adamson, commented “Taurus offers something different and will allow us to expand into new markets, where operating conditions would usually be unsuitable for SLA components.” A combination of innovative 3D printing technology with some of the most advanced materials available on the market, ensures that Paragon can offer industry leading prototype and low volume production solutions to its growing customer base.

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