Presenting, Demonstrating And Training In 2021

Most of us are now familiar with using Zoom as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We at PSL Datatrack have found that it has become a very useful tool in the business environment.

As coronavirus restrictions gradually ease, we have continued to present and demonstrate to prospective customers via Zoom. Where desired, we can follow up an initial virtual presentation or demonstration with a face to face meeting. If you would prefer a face to face approach from the outset we are still able and happy to cater for this.

Some might argue that video meetings are not as personal and engaging as physical meetings. Whilst we would tend to agree and in an ideal world would like to meet all of our prospective customers, there are many benefits to initially keeping things online.

Firstly, the key decision makers we talk to no longer need to give up an entire day to host or travel to an introductory meeting, meaning they are able to assist in business matters around a Zoom session which may last a couple of hours at most.

This means assisting both parties to do their bit for the environment by reducing unnecessary travelling. In turn we, as provider/host, are also able to spend more productive time working on development and improving our production control software for both new and existing customers.

Speaking of existing customers, Zoom has opened up more options for us to maintain contact and engage with them. We are able to share screens, take control of the mouse where necessary, and meet more customers ‘in person’ than ever before, providing reassurance that we are still, always, there to support them. We can also share useful files with them, including our Implementation Plan for newer customers.

If a customer has multiple staff to train and would prefer a site visit then we are more than happy to work on a bespoke training programme that suits them. However, with many businesses having a mixture of staff working in the office and from home, Zoom enables everyone to join a scheduled session from wherever they happen to be working from that day.

We are ultimately happy to demonstrate and train via your preferred method, but the benefits of Zoom video calls over the last 18 months cannot be overlooked. We look forward to speaking with you more over the coming months as we hopefully continue to move out of the pandemic!

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