Protolabs expand their 3D printing service to include PolyJet

We’re excited to share that we’ve expanded our 3D printing service to include PolyJet. The industrial-grade process enables developers to create elastomeric and multi-material 3D-printed parts.

PolyJet’s benefits include:

  • Prototype elastomeric or rubber-like parts with a range of durometer choices
  • Can vary properties, like hardness or colour, within a single part
  • Smooth surfaces, fine features, and complex geometries

Details regarding material selection, feature size, resolution, and more can be found on our PolyJet design guidelines page.

Want to give PolyJet a try? Upload a 3D CAD file today. You’ll receive an instant quote that includes real-time pricing.

Watch the video on PolyJet right here