Newly established Sheldon Precision, based in Devon, specialises in turned parts and provides services to many different industry sectors.  Owner, Howard Sheldon, made two major decisions at the outset which were to invest in PSL Datatrack production management/business administration software and a high speed Citizen A20 CNC lathe.


In both cases Howard recognised the importance of investing in the highest quality software and production equipment. With using PSL Datatrack he knew there would be no learning curve having implemented PSL Datatrack at his father’s sub-contract engineering company. Howard knew that the software’s ability to significantly reduce administration time and improve production efficiency were essential to get his own business off to a flying start. “The administration that can be involved in creating spreadsheets, delivery notes, quotations and invoices manually can be a real burden and is lost time that a start-up company can ill afford,” says Howard.  “Being efficient from the start is essential.”

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“I knew that at some future stage of Sheldon Precision’s growth that I could be confronted with the challenge of moving from manual to software based business administration. An established business can manage this transition however it is far better to make the decision to invest at the outset and reap the benefits from day one.”Investment in this type of business administration software is often considered too big a cost for a start-up however PSL Datatrack provided Howard with valuable advice on how to apply for available grants.

Howard knew that any further investment in PSL Datatrack could be built up over a period of time, because the system is modular.

“The work and administration involved in start up sub-contract engineering can be very demanding and PSL Datatrack is always keen to support companies such as Sheldon Precision,” says Geoff Gartland, Managing Director of PSL Datatrack. Sheldon Precision uses the PSL Datatrack software from quotation to invoice, providing control and traceability for every order at every step along the way. “Datatrack is a business system that runs the business,” says Howard. “Without it would be like having a shop without a till.”


For repeat orders PSL Datatrack is particularly valuable – with a few clicks of the mouse it recalls all previous quotations for a customer. Costing, tooling, materials, batch sizes can be recalled, cost analysis can be undertaken very quickly and new quotations for different batch sizes can be generated easily. “With Datatrack another benefit is that all our customer paperwork is presented professionally with our corporate branding and this creates an excellent impression. This is extremely useful for a small start-up company,” says Howard.


Looking to the future, Sheldon Precision is looking to capitalise on the modularity of Datatrack and invest next in the quality control module. This will provide a simple means of recording important supplier and customer non-conformity information – essential to effective quality control, essential for when the business seeks ISO accreditation.Howard concludes: “I have seen Datatrack work highly effectively for a multi million pound turnover company with 60 employees and a far larger customer base than mine at present. I therefore know that the system will grow with me right into the future, taking care of the administration whilst I focus on the engineering and providing the best service to customers.”