PSL Datatrack – Standard Bespoke Production Control Software

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PSL Datatrack could be described as standard bespoke production control software. Users start with the standard system but can request bespoke development from us to suit the way they run their businesses. One size does not fit all and PSL Datatrack works hard with our customers to ensure that the system doesn’t just fit but fits perfectly.

This article highlights just a few of the ‘it would be good if my PSL Datatrack system could do…’ scenarios that we have been given by our customers and resolved for them.

Brown & Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd

Requested and purchased a daily statistics utility that can be run to produce a file containing multiple values for its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Can also be run retrospectively if a day is missed.

Steve Smith, General Manager at Brown & Holmes, says, “The KPI report provides us an update on the predicted targets and actual achievements of the company on a daily basis. Order intake, sales invoicing and purchasing values are a few of the elements that allow this report to be utilised by both the production and financial arms of the business. This in turn allows us to better manage the upcoming work levels and cash flow as it gives us foresight on any areas that may need addressing at an earlier stage. It has given us a very useful tool to be able to analyse the position of the business at any given time.”

DP Engineering

Commissioned a Works Orders export utility to extract information from PSL Datatrack to display on the shop floor on touch screens via an intranet.

“PSL Datatrack is always open to discussing ideas and developing new features. A good example of this is the integration with our intranet, which pulls information from PSL Datatrack as well as other sources. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the system,” comments Phillip Anthony of DP Engineering.

Jota Advanced Engineering Limited

Submitted a request for a grouped scheduling feature to reduce setting time for similar components.

Ryan Goodger, Director at Jota Advanced Engineering Limited, says, “PSL Datatrack has been a great investment for Jota. It is the little things like the attention to detail and having the ability to take an idea and put it into practice. This is just one of the ideas that has helped Jota to become more efficient in its day to day running.”

Machining Technology (Mach-Tech) Ltd

Ordered a quote import facility to make a significant reduction to workload and improve quotation conversion rates.

“On average, Mach-Tech raises 7000 quotes a year, many of which are repeats. Our KPI’s identified that returning a quotation within 2 days had a significant positive impact on quote conversion rates and loading the enquiries was an area of improvement. At the time our average quote turnaround was 3-4 days. The utility developed by PSL Datatrack allows for templates routings to be used when quoting new components,” comments Simon Fisher of Mach-Tech.

“After 12 months of having the Quote Import facility installed on PSL Datatrack I am happy to report a 2 day average turn around and a conversion rate of nearly 50%.”

Track Components Limited

Acquired a new utility to automate emailing their customers on a monthly basis with a list of the stock held for them by Track Components.

Denise Noverre of Track Components Limited says, “PSL Datatrack is great as our main business management tool. As well as the broad range of features tailored for subcontract precision engineering, PSL has provided us with a utility to automatically remind customers of stock we hold for them. This enables us to maintain regular contact with both new and existing buyers.”

As mentioned, these are just some of the many examples of bespoke development carried out by PSL Datatrack for our customers. If you are interested in learning more about any of the above, or have a request in mind for some bespoke development for your current/future PSL Datatrack system, please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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