PSL Datatrack's 20th year relationship

PSL Datatrack is delighted to see Qualiturn Products Ltd celebrating 40 years in business, for 20 years of which they have been users of the PSL Datatrack production management system.  Bernard Groom started Qualiturn in 1974 and first invested in a Datatrack DOS system in 1994. In 1998, Qualiturn migrated to the then new windows system, PSL Datatrack, which brought many benefits and opportunities for improving the management and efficiency of the business.  Bernard subsequently passed the mantel to son Nick, who became Managing Director in 2009.


It is often noted that ‘information is power’ and this can be demonstrated in no better way than the support role provided by PSL Datatrack in the seamless handover of the business from Bernard to Nick.


Qualiturn PicThroughout this highly successful 20 year working partnership, PSL have seen ISO 9001 accredited Qualiturn grow from strength to strength with continual investment in the latest CNC machinery, associated equipment and a move to larger premises. Today, Qualiturn employees 28 people in their 18,000 sq. ft Hertford factory which houses 24 CNC machines offering an impressive 720 hours capacity per month. Qualiturn supply customers in many business sectors ranging from leisure products through to medical and aerospace and whilst focusing primarily on turning have recently expanded to offer milling services too.


Once works orders have been entered, PSL Datatrack is used to manage the entire lifecycle of production.  Qualiturn’s PSL Datatrack system starts with quotations, which are prepared using the benefit of historic quotes with current material and sub-contract prices.  This enables Qualiturn to respond to enquiries quickly and accurately. Upon receipt of order, quoted information is reused to create works orders with the aim of being paperless wherever possible.

All material receipts are traced and allocated. Process layouts, which are refined each time a job is made, ensure that components are produced using the most efficient production process available.


Calibration of all instruments and gauges is also managed within PSL Datatrack as is the recording and rectification of any non-conformances.  Shop floor progress of all jobs is recorded giving Qualiturn complete traceability of the material, machines, setters, operators and any sub-contract processes required giving their customers confidence in Qualiturn’s ability to deliver the right parts, to the right quality at the right time. In 2013, Qualiturn shipped more than 6,359,498 million components in average batch sizes of 1,175, ranging from order quantities anywhere between 2 and 200,000 components.  Qualiturn typically supplies turned parts ranging from 1mm to 51mm diameter and since 2013 have offered milled components.


PSL Datatrack has benefitted tremendously, and continues to develop, from the on-going ideas for system improvements which are received from its customer base. Qualiturn are a key contributor within the PSL Datatrack ‘community’, submitting ideas for system enhancements generated through their drive for continuous improvement and efficiency savings.


The modular PSL Datatrack system at Qualiturn supports 15 users and utilises the innovative Status Board display system to give dynamic information and instruction to both management and the shop floor.  Linking PSL Datatrack with Qualiturn’s material carousel and tooling cabinet provides physical control and security of these essential stock items whilst maintaining flexible reporting and quick reordering. PSL Datatrack has become more than a production management tool.


With integrated features such as Document Management, CRM & Task Management and automated generation of emails to customers to notify that parts have been despatched, PSL Datatrack is a powerful business tool, which is essential in today’s competitive market.


Both Qualiturn Products and PSL are members of the BTMA (British Turned Parts and Manufacturers Association) demonstrating their commitment to collaborating on ideas that support the British precision engineering industry.  “Key to success within the sub-contract industry is making components to the correct quality at the right time and a competitive price. PSL Datatrack has been, and continues to be, key in helping Qualiturn successfully manage these challenges,” says Nick Groom


“We have continually invested in machine tools to ensure our business has the latest machining technology and offer technically advanced solutions to our customers,” says Nick Groom and continues “We have taken the same approach with our investment in PSL Datatrack to ensure that the system we run today is as relevant to our business needs as when we first invested 20 years ago.  Development of PSL Datatrack has been continuous during the time we have had the system ensuring that our business continues to be a well organised and efficient operation.  We look forward to this successful business relationship continuing for the next 20 years.”