Quickgrind to highlight power of collaboration at NIKKEN event

To support NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe in its promotion of next-generation high-performance machining techniques, Quickgrind is demonstrating its new barrel tooling and revolutionary material removal rates at NIKKEN’s February open event.

Quickgrind is showcasing a revolutionary new way to transform 5-axis simultaneous CNC cutting operations by combining its latest conical barrel tool technology with use of OPEN MIND hyperMILL® MAXX Machining software. The effect of the tools’ unique design geometry is maximised by the latest programming techniques to create the optimum cutting path. As a result, game changing material removal rates can be achieved and cycle times slashed.

Collaboration has been key to this development. Working as an OPEN MIND Application Partner, Quickgrind has brought OPEN MIND’s renowned CAM software together with its own innovative solid carbide cutting tool design and manufacture.

“Quickgrind’s QuickCamPro consultancy service offers its customers access to the latest conical barrel tool designs along with its experienced application engineers,” says Quickgrind’s Managing Director Ross Howell. “The revolutionary performance benefits of this technology, which visitors will see in practice at the event, have been optimised through collaboration with OPEN MIND,” “We are delighted to be invited by NIKKEN to showcase the next generation of cutting tools and machine strategies at this event.”

Quickgrind’s QuickCamPro Senior Application Engineer, Jonathan Butler adds: “Our aim with barrel tooling and its application has been to start a revolution in cycle time reduction by greatly increasing material removal rates. As well as huge time savings, our solution will bring lower costs, increased capacity and higher revenue potential. We look forward to meeting visitors and explaining how we have achieved these advances and what they will mean for their businesses.”

Entitled ‘Beyond Innovation’, and focusing on pushing the boundaries of machining in the automotive and motorsport sectors, the event takes place at the NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe in Rotherham from 7 to 9 February 2017. For details, and to book a place, visit

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