R&D Tax Credits

The GTMA works in partnership with GGTC to enable our members to gain the maximum benefit from the

R&D tax credit/relief scheme


Conway Precision Engineering is a Birmingham based precision toolmaker, specialising in the development of bespoke gauging & fixturing systems. Over the last fifteen years they have striven to shift the emphasis of their business from being simply a gauge making company, to that of a technology developer & supplier of bespoke gauging & fixturing systems, closely partnering their our blue chip clients, primarily in the aerospace and automotive industries.

 “This shift of strategic focus has enabled us to survive & grow in a period when many of our established competitors have closed down or downsized dramatically as general mechanical engineering has been off-shored.

“R&D tax credits have supported our ability to make the necessary investments”.

Cliff Connick – MD


The challenge of Innovating to meet OEM requirements

The technical initiator for our solutions usually start when a manufacturer develops a new product, thus requiring the development of a new gauging or fixturing rig to enable the part metrology to be measured during manufacturing. A common technology driver is the development of new products or components utilising novel technologies to improve fuel efficiency or improved component integrity based upon the use of new weight saving materials and new developments. We will then try and devise new gauging or fixturing systems in order to satisfy OEM requirements

Project Uncertainty

Some of Conway’s recent R&D projects for their OEM clients across the automotive, aerospace & railway industries have posed considerable engineering challenges, a number of which, their clients had historically been unable to resolve by themselves.


One project for Network rail required Conway to devise not only a new linkage mechanism to bend the contact under extremely precise control but also to ensure the steel could be over bent beyond the critical gap parameter and then to relax back to this gap and remain in the gap position over the working life of the contact.

This new linkage mechanism has been used for the railway switch contact setting on a major refurbishment of  Network Rail signalling.


How do I know if we qualify?

Quite simply:

  • UK Ltd Companies trading 12 months or more
  • Paying C.TAX or PAYE
  • Undertaking innovative research, product development &/or manufacturing processes & systems developments.


GGTC will do all of the hard work for you.

  • Visiting you on site free of charge to identify eligible R&D activity


GGTC have processed over £30m of client claims. Their experts have a close working relationship with the HMRC and they work hard to maintain their 100% claim success track record.


For further information about GGTC, then please contact David on 0121 601 6368