Reducing tool costs, increasing performance

Exchangeable head milling systems are a fairly familiar sight thanks to the cost savings that they deliver over conventional solid carbide milling cutters above a certain diameter. However, to achieve optimum performance close attention has to be placed on the connection between holder and cutter head. Here, CERATIZIT has achieved the highest level of performance using a unique interface technology for its new MultiLock system.

The MultiLock exchangeable head system from CERATIZIT makes use of a precision sintered interface with a patented ‘Captive Pocket’, guaranteeing the highest level of stability and performance. The precision sintered, form-fitting, interface ensures maximum rigidity for optimum power transmission, while enhancing process security and by default extending tool life. Further benefits of this form-fit connection is that axial and radial run-out accuracy of 0.02 mm is achieved, while the combination of carbide head and steel body has excellent vibration-damping properties to ensure improved surface finish.

MultilLock targets applications such as those found in mould and die, aerospace, and hydraulics sectors where complex contours are required or, when difficult to machine materials are common. Using conventional solid carbide tools as the diameter increases so do costs, the MultiLock exchangeable head system reduces these costs and also lowers the environmental impact (through reduced use of carbide material). The ability to use one steel holder in conjunction with multiple carbide heads further reduces the investment required by the end-user and provides added flexibility into the manufacturing process. The latter is enhanced by the multiple choice of milling heads available, including high-feed milling cutters, torus cutters and radius cutters in diameters from 12 to 25 mm; 45° deburring milling cutters are available in diameters of 12 and 16 mm. The HFC and torus heads are screwed to the front of the holder through a hole in the exchangeable head, making it possible to swap the heads quickly and reducing unnecessary machine downtime. Additionally, a variety of screw-in adapters add even greater flexibility to the MultiLock system.

Customers have the choice of two innovative carbide grades (CTPX225 and CTC5240) with proven cutting geometries that cover the majority of applications, both of which make use of CERATIZIT’s state-of-the-art Dragonskin coating technology to deliver all round excellent performance. The PVD coated CTPX225 is a reliable fine grain carbide grade whose toughness lends it to universal use, while CTC5240 has a TiB2 based coating making it suitable for machining titanium and titanium alloys. Analysis from customers shows that these grades deliver excellent service life and chip volumes, in one case when machining tool steel a 310% higher chip volume could be produced than with comparable competitor products, with tool life increasing from 14 minutes to 92 minutes.

“MultiLock meets a specific need in the market and brings with it certain cost and environmental advantages over solid carbide milling cutters, especially in applications where longer reach is required. Cutting data is improved by virtue of the increased number of cutting edges that can be introduced, and with those cutting edges being generated by the precision sintering technology costs are also reduced, giving MultiLock a distinct advantage in many applications,” says Adrian Fitts, Business Development Manager, CERATIZIT UK & Ireland.

The MultiLock exchangeable head system from CERATIZIT is featured in the latest the Up2Date catalogue (

You can find further information and a product video on Multilock at page.