Roemheld has introduced a new range of programmable, electro-mechanical wedge clamps for sliding tables, injection moulding machines and presses. These offer a hydraulic-free solution for automatic clamping even in clean room conditions.

Roemheld electro-mechanical wedge clamps are suitable for a wide range of applications where oil-free clamping is required, making them ideal for use in purely electrical machines, the food industry and in clean rooms.  Because all functions are monitored electrically, the wedge clamps can be easily integrated into automated systems. The 24 Volt version of the wedge clamp offers high retention forces of up to 240kN with a current of just 3.8A. This makes the clamping elements particularly suited to systems in which dies and moulds have to be secured in tight spaces with high clamping forces.

As with hydraulic clamps, the new electrical wedge clamps are dual action and consist of a guide housing and clamping bolt.  Programmable standard drives mean that the clamping and release position of the bolt can be freely programmed up to a maximum stroke value of 25mm. The speed of the clamping bolt can also be selected.

The electro-mechanical wedge clamps are also extremely safe to use as they have a self-locking mechanism that ensures the die is held securely even in the event of a power failure. The drive programme, including previously entered values, is also retained. In addition, the electric monitoring of the clamping forces and bolt position provides a high degree of operating safety.  Integrated position monitoring components indicate the position of the bolt at all times, while data collection in conjunction with the programmable drive enables full automatic operation and makes the wedge clamp a perfect Industry 4.0 element.

The flexibility of the Roemheld electro-mechanical wedge clamps means they can be used in a variety of applications. In particular, they are suitable for dies with varying clamping edge heights and mounting dimensions in accordance with the Euromap standard or individual specifications.

The Roemheld app for tablets provides comprehensive and descriptive information about products and solutions for die clamping and changing systems in sheet metal forming. It contains the entire product catalogue with over 1500 articles and variants, features many product videos, some animated 3D illustrations, application pictures and technical data sheets, showing a variety of application areas on presses and die-cutters. The app can be found at

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