The new electronic pressure sensor from Roemheld offers stationary and mobile measurement of rotating or hard-to-reach sections of hydraulic clamping fixtures. Designed for use with automatic manufacturing systems, transfer lines, assembly lines and rotary indexing fixtures and tables, up to 16 pressure sensors can be individually configured and monitored from a single receiver.

Ideal for applications where wired connections are impractical or too expensive, the sensor uses radioR4600 sensing release

transmission with a free-field range of up to 300m. The sensor enables the pressure of single or multiple points to be checked simultaneously during start-up and maintenance with minimum installation costs.

Pressure drops in hydraulic clamping fixtures can be identified in real time, helping to avoid tool breakage and

resulting machine damage. With the easy-to-install modules of battery-operated electronic pressure sensors with radio transmission and a receiver unit, pressures of up to 16, 250 and 500 bars can be transmitted to machines and monitored at a distance of 300 meters.

Terry O’Neill, Joint Managing Director of Roemheld, said: “This sensor is already proving extremely useful on a research project Roemheld is involved in with the Manufacturing Technology Centre. We are running tests to measure the effects of centrifugal forces on hydraulic fixtures and being able to use a wireless sensor to monitor multiple, moving sections at the same time is extremely advantageous.”

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