Roemheld to present integrated tool handling from warehouse to press

At Blechexpo 2021, Roemheld will show an integrated concept for handling and changing moulds and dies as well as punching and forming tools. It allows them to be quickly and safely stored, transported to the press and positioned, centred and clamped on the machine.

Components for the entire process chain can be combined individually, depending on the application. The portfolio encompasses numerous rack systems, transport carts and bars, carrying and changing consoles, and clamping elements including magnetic plates. The components enable efficient die or mould handling for almost all requirements.

Different types of rack can be assembled to the desired size and specification. Dies or moulds are transported from the warehouse to the rack and on to the press on changing carts, either manually operated or battery powered. A tool can be easily inserted into the machine via manually or electrically driven consoles.

Roller and ball bars integrated into the storage compartments, transport carts and machine ensure that even heavy dies or moulds can be moved effortlessly by hand over the surfaces. A uniform docking system fitted to all racks, carts and consoles means that they can only be moved once firmly connected, ensuring safe handling throughout the entire process chain.

Two new products

There will be two new products on the stand. One is an electrically driven changing console for dies or moulds weighing up to 50 tonnes. The other is a range of double-acting arch clamps suitable for flat clamping edges on moulds used for die casting or injection moulding, for example. They have an integrated mechanical lock, a clamping force of up to 450 kN and are supplied with or without position monitoring.

Magnetic clamping

Setting up a press is particularly safe and fast with the help of magnetic clamping technology, where the process only takes a few seconds. An electrical impulse triggers clamping at the touch of a button on the control unit, without an operator having to approach the press and ram.

Magnetic clamping plates can be used universally for all ferromagnetic dies or moulds, regardless of their size and geometry, making it unnecessary to standardise tools and clamping edges. For maintenance of the magnetic clamping systems, a comprehensive service package is offered by Roemheld.

Set-up time optimiser

With its extensive portfolio of die clamping products, Roemheld offers set-up time optimisation to solve almost every clamping task in sheet metal forming, as well as plastics and rubber processing. The magnetic, hydraulic and electro-mechanical clamping systems are versatile and contribute to making processes in single and series production in nearly all industries more efficient and economical.