Seco Tools ‘Inspirations through innovation’ is cleared for Take off

Seco Tools’ popular ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ advanced manufacturing best-practice event will take place from 9-10 October at its Technology Centre in Alcester. This year, the event will be focused exclusively on the aerospace segment.

Now in its fifth year, more recently, the event has been used by Seco to highlight and demonstrate the power of positive partnerships and the benefits available to component manufacturers from adopting collaborative approaches to problem solving.

The same objectives apply this year, but with a specific focus on aerospace component manufacturing.

Mike Fleming, strategic marketing, products & services manager, Seco Tools (UK) said: “We review Inspiration through Innovation every year and make changes to its content and structure to increase its appeal and relevance. This year, we have made the strategic decision to focus on one industry segment.”

With the economy facing a period of uncertainty, the UK will rely heavily on its most successful industries to provide growth, jobs and innovation. The UK has the second largest aerospace sector in the world, after the US, with a turnover of £31 billion last year (including £27 billion in exports) representing a 40% increase since 2010.

Over the next two decades, the number of aircraft needed worldwide is expected to grow by an average of 4.8% per year, with demand for more than 39,000 new aircraft (worth $5.9 trillion) being estimated.

“From a manufacturing perspective, the aerospace segment is characterised by constant innovation – specifically in the use and application of new materials, the design and implementation of challenging machining and manufacturing processes, and the ingenious ways the industry improves quality and safety and reduces costs and environmental impacts,” Mr Fleming explained.

“Aerospace is a global industry with high growth potential that relies on innovation and one where we, and our technical partners, have considerable experience and expertise. Taking all this into account it is clear why aerospace was selected as the focus for this year’s event.”

At Inspiration through Innovation 2019, there are 30 technical partners taking part in eight aerospace machining demonstrations. The demonstrations taking place on both days involve the machining of real components or, in the case of large components like aero-engine casings, the machining of real or look-alike features like holes, external bosses and flanges.

Specific components being machined include blisks, discs, landing gear, structural components (ribs) and interior cabin (seating) parts.

“The parts being machined are all challenging,” Mr Fleming affirmed. “They are made from difficult-to-machine materials that include Waspalloy, titanium, Heat Resistant Super Alloys (HRSAs) and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), and they are machined to meet high accuracy and surface finish requirements.”

All eight machining demonstrations are designed by and involve a number of technical partners –  machine tool builders, CAD/CAM specialists, and tooling, workholding, cutting fluid, metrology and automation suppliers. They demonstrate the productivity gains and cost-efficiencies that can be achieved through working in collaboration.

There are eight leading-edge seminars planned for the two-day event, each delivered by a recognised industry expert and each focused on a relevant aerospace manufacturing and/or machining issue. The programme is currently being developed and details of all seminars including titles, speakers and synopses will be uploaded on the Inspiration through Innovation event landing page

The event is free to visitors, and doors open on both days at 09.00 – closing at 19.00 on the 9th October and 16.00 on the 10th October.

Manufacturers wishing to attend can register by visiting