Sliding Head users gain from WNT innovation

WNT’s System SOGX series of turning inserts and toolholders combine to provide users with four useable cutting edges. In addition to maximising the number of cutting edges, by tangentially mounting the inserts an extremely stable process is ensured, even under extreme cutting conditions. This is further enhanced by the availability of a coolant supply that can be precisely directed and fed from either the rear or side of the toolholder.

 By mounting the inserts tangentially in the holder machining stability is increased significantly and with the design of the insert and seat makes available four useable cutting edges to maximise productivity and reduce tooling costs. The SOGX-style inserts are available in two sizes, 7 and 11 mm, each with a choice of tool coating options these being WPX7630 is coated tough grade for general use, the WUX7620 is a harder, uncoated grade used for non-ferrous materials and titanium. The design of the inserts presents a sharp cutting edge to the workpiece, which assists in reducing cutting pressures, with the precision manufacture of the insert also enhancing accuracy and repeatability.

Further benefits of the insert geometry and seating location is that the SOGX inserts can produce a square shoulder, this eliminates the need for secondary operations that may be required with other styles of sliding head turning tools. At the same time cutting depths are increased, with a maximum depth equivalent to 50 per cent of the insert size, so 3.5 mm and 5.5 mm respectively, meaning fewer passes to remove material therefore shorter cycle times.

“The SOGX series of inserts and associated toolholders are part of our comprehensive and dedicated Sliding Head Tooling catalogue containing over 11,000 items, almost half of which are brand new products in the WNT range,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director UK & Ireland. “Putting all of our sliding head tooling into a single catalogue simplifies the selection process for customers, who can be assured that everything in the catalogue will be subject to our same levels of service, if ordered before 6:30 pm it will be delivered the following morning.”

The WNT SOGX range provides a cost-effective and process secure turning solution for sliding head lathes

A video highlighting the new WNT sliding head tooling catalogue can be seen here: