Solid carbide milling just got better

Solid carbide milling just got better


The MCR Monstermill solid carbide endmill from WNT (UK) is generating significant performance gains when compared to existing cutters. Such as up to four-times the feed rate and three times the tool life of WNT’s standard cutters. Such is the confidence of WNT in the MCR Monstermill that its team of Technical Sales Engineers are on-hand to conduct a free trial. Or, if that isn’t tempting enough for every MCR Monstermill bought at the standard price WNT will provide a second free of charge.

MCR Monstermill are part of WNT’s high performance HPC range and have been designed for rough milling with a highly evolved roughing profile and special cutting geometry, which combine with the irregular pitched flutes to create the optimum cutting performance and an extremely soft cutting action and smaller chips, which creates less stress on the machine tool, which is of particular benefit when used on machines with lower spindle power. The ideal application is for dry machining of steel and cast iron, where the TiAlN tool coating significantly enhances tool life. However, the MCR Monstermill can also be applied to machining stainless steel if coolant is applied.

Available from 1 mm diameter through to 20 mm diameter, with three flute lengths available in certain sizes, the cutters are capable of slot milling to 1.5 x diameter. “We are 100 per cent convinced of the benefits that MCR Monstermill will bring to those customers using conventional solid carbide milling. The combination of geometry, flute design and coating will bring significant productivity gains and by adding in these promotions of buy one and get one free along with the opportunity of a trial supervised by one of our sales engineers we are adding even greater value. For those still to be convinced they have the opportunity to witness the MCR Monstermill in action at our upcoming open houses,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).  

WNT UK)’s MCR Monstermill has distinct productivity advantages compared to conventional solid carbide milling cutters.                          


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