Spectrum Metrology to showcase new gauging Technology at EPMC show

Spectrum Metrology will be showcasing a range of ground-breaking handheld gauging technology for rapid micro-defect and gap/flush analysis at the EPMC show this November (Ricoh Arena, 14-15 November).

The LASER GAUGE ® profile and contour line scanner is designed for fast assessment of height, depth, gap/flush, radius, angle, length and width and includes optional blue laser technology which allows even transparent surfaces to be assessed accurately.  This blue laser technique allows complex components with multiple and transparent surfaces to be measured instantly, ideal for applications such as car headlamps and tail lights.

Laser Gauge uses laser triangulation methods to acquire a 2D contour of the surface to be measured but these systems are not limited to a single laser stripe.  Other structured light options, such as multiple line imaging, cross-vector and bore imaging are available to cover a wide range of measurement requirements.

Typical applications include fastener heights in aerospace assembly, welds, jet engine break edge/chamfer/radius and gap and flush.

The 4D INSPEC ® instant 3D micro-defect inspection gauge takes the guess work out of 3D micro-measurement, quantifying pits, scratches, nicks, dents, bumps, porosity and other features from 5um-2.5mm deep over a field of view of 8x8mm.

Using a patented camera technique, the 4D InSpec brings user-friendly, micrometer-level resolution gauges directly onto the factory floor.  The 4D InSpec is far more repeatable and accurate than visual comparison techniques and can measure a wide range of part geometries in the most challenging environments. The system can be handheld to access tight corners or to sample large items on the shopfloor.  An optional fold mirror accessory lets the system function like a borescope to access blind holes and inner diameters.

Typical applications include corrosion inspection on parts with complex geometries such as turbine blade sections (without the need for replication), solar panels, engine components and drivetrain components.

Available in handheld, workstation or fully automated systems, these gauges bring fast, accurate line or 3D measurement directly to the shop floor.  See them in action at the EMPC show or contact for further details.