Starrag Opens Up a New World of Gantry Milling to UK Customers

Starrag UK is offering potential customers of gantry mills an unrivalled range of machines by complementing its world-renowned Starrag Group Droop+Rein brand with the machine portfolio built in Australia by H & H Machine Tools.

The collaborative agreement provides UK customers with access to an all-embracing range of five- and six-axis machines having capacities to meet every need and with price tags which will suit all budgets.

Importantly, too, the scope of optional extras available across both ranges also makes available the widest choice of cost-effective machining technologies for single set-up, multi-tasking machining of all types of materials and across all industry sectors.

H & H Machine Tools’ Managing Director Thomas Hegmann comments that “H & H five-axis gantry machines can utilises a choice of spindles, milling heads and work envelopes to suit individual requirements in terms of machining performance, component size and floor space.”

Starrag UK’s Director for Sales and Applications, Lee Scott, adds: “Potential UK customers at every tier of manufacturing can now access a range of cost-effective gantry milling machines which are unrivalled for their technical abilities. Previously, we only focused on very complex applications – usually requiring automated head changing – but now we can discuss any gantry application.

“In addition, Starrag UK is also well-versed in the H & H machine construction techniques and build technologies, so the machines’ installation, commissioning, service and maintenance are all catered for professionally.”

The agreement between Starrag and H & H follows the success of the two companies working closely together to deliver – and subsequently commission then maintain – the largest ever machine to be put into operation in Australia: a Droop+Rein gantry mill with X, Y and Z axes traverses of 14,000 mm x 13,000 mm x 3,500 mm and an 11 metre rotary table.

Now, with H & H gantry mills being available in the UK for the first time, potential customers have access to four main five-axis machine ranges from the Australian manufacturer. All machines have linear motors in X and Y axes; ballscrew or linear motor in  Z axis and  all milling heads are direct drive:


  • ULTRA 5 – X Y Z travels from 2,000 mm by 2,000 mm by 800 mm and HSK-A 100 and 63 50 kW spindles rated from 15,000 revs/min (A 100) and 24,000 revs/min (A 63);
  • ALPHA 5 – X, Y, Z from 2,000 mm by 2,000 mm by 1,000 mm and HSK-A 63 30 kW spindle rated from 18,000 revs/min;
  • AGILE P5 – X, Y, Z from 21,000 mm by 15,000 mm by 800 mm and HSK-A 100 and 63 spindles rated from 30 (A63) to 50 kW (A 100) providing from 18,000 revs/min (A 63) 15,000 revs/min (A 100);
  • ULTRA 8 – X, Y Z travels from 2,200 mm by 2,000 mm by 800 mm and with HSK- A 63 40 kW/24,000 revs/min and HSK – A 100 50 kW/15,000 revs/min spindles.

These complement Starrag’s world-renowned range of six-axis Droop+Rein portal, gantry and overhead gantry milling portfolio – a complete spectrum of large vertical five-axis milling solutions from a single source, for applications from high-speed through to heavy-duty cutting. The range embraces, as standard:

Machines of overhead gantry design – the FOGS HD and FOGS NEO/N40 models – X, Y Z axes travels from 3,800 mm by 2,500 mm by 1,500 mm and 40/50 kW spindles providing 4,000/2,500 revs/min;

Floor-guided gantry design models – the GS and GFS NEO/N40 models complementing the up to 201 hp G and GF series – X, Y Z from 4,000 mm by 3,000 mm by 1,500 mm and 40/50 Kw spindles providing 4,000/2,500 revs/min;

Machines of portal design – the TS and TFS NEO/N40 models plus the T and TF models that boast 201 hp spindle power and 12,000 Nm machining capability – X, Y, Z travels from 3,000 mm by 3,000 mm by 1,500 mm and 40/50 kW spindles providing 4,000/2,500 revs/min.

In addition, a wide choice of milling heads (over 300 different styles/ratings are available) which enables Starrag’s application experts to configure machines exactly to meet current and future applications. And with the H & H variations also on board, Starrag UK will continue to maintain its ‘Engineering precisely what you value’ strategy.