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Aspin Engineering Ltd

For over 30 years, Aspin Engineering have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of quality products for a variety of clients in the plastic and rubber extrusion industries, throughout the UK. Additionally, the company also manufactures components and assemblies for the textile, machine tool, and food sectors.

Aspin Engineering has been designing and manufacturing a range of quality products and engineered components for more than 30 years.

Among the companies wide range of products are standard and custom designed dieheads, extrusion crossheads for wire and cable production, and special mixing heads. A full refurbishment and repair service is offered that includes on-site attendance to measure up and manufacture spare parts.

The firms expertise and capacity also includes

  • Machine Tool Parts Manufacture
  • Plastic Moulding Tools
  • CNC Machining
  • Thread Grinding of Plastic Moulding Cores
  • CNC Turning
  • Polishing and Universal Grinding
  • CNC edm Wire Cut Machining

Aspin has built its business and reputation for quality, excellent service and cost-effectiveness by applying a knowledge-based technical solution that meets and exceeds the exacting standards of its clients.

Based in a self-contained factory, Aspin uses the latest precision engineering plant − including CNC machining technology and a wide range of grinding equipment. The company also has a thread grinding section serving the injection moulding industry that enables it to meet the demand for both batch grinding and one-off production of threads and worms.

The firms main emphasis is on the design and manufacture of precisely engineered components and assemblies for the plastics and rubber extrusion industries. This demanding market requires the highest standards of material selection, heat treatment and machining, and these disciplines are central to the success of the business.

Capability Maximum Size Handled
Die Sinking Up to “x” 200mm, “y” 100mm, “z” 100mm
Surface Grinding Up to “x” 800mm, “y” 250mm, “z” 300mm
Cylindrical Grinding Up to “x” 400mm, “z” 1500mm
Milling Up to “x” 1000mm, “y”610mm, “z” 610mm
Turning Up to “x” 520mm, “y” 1500mm
Wire Erosion(spark erosion) Up to “x” 400mm, “y” 250mm, “z” 400mm


  • EDM Fast Hole Drill
  • EDM Sinking: 100mm x 200mm x 50mm
  • Cylindrical Grinding: 400mm diameter x 1500mm
  • Manual Turning: 600mm diameter x 1800mm
  • Thread Grinding External: 300mm diameter x 1000mm
  • CNC Turning & Milling 5 m/c
  • CNC Wire Erosion: 400 x 250 x400(z)


  • CAM system FeatureCAM full 3D plus 4th Axis indexing and wrapping
  • Advanced CAD interface

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