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Broanmain Plastics is a specialist technical precision component manufacturer supplying OEMs in the medical, scientific, FMCG, electronic, automotive, aerospace and defence sectors. 


From concept to full-scale production, Broanmain has gained our 60+ year reputation by integrating our in-house expert resources with each customer’s vision to achieve the seemingly impossible. Many of our tier 1-4 customers, who supply international Blue Chip customers, have depended on Broanmain to flex to their component manufacturing strategies and minimise supply chain risks.

From initial briefing, where the Broanmain team works with closely alongside customers to pinpoint the feasibility of a new component, to rapid tool prototyping and coordinating multi-tool production and trials, we always produce a clear and detailed proposal and price breakdown to include:

  • Managing the complete project, including all investigative material research, prototyping, coordination with specialist designers and toolmakers, right through to tool sign off and shipment
  • Repair and rapid development of prototype mould tools, using materials ranging from polymer to copper, aluminium and other metals
  • Robust tool validation and Quality Assurance trials
  • A programme of full maintenance and servicing of tools
  • Advising on R&D projects and feasibility studies
  • Precision CNC milling and parts customisation (see Specac case study)
  • Full scale production, from small technical batch work to high-volume precision moulding, including larger parts requiring high strength and uniformity
  • Assembly, RFI electronic device shielding, pad printing, chrome or coloured plating, serial laser marking, and high quality reaming


Tool Workshop


Take a quick tour of our updated tool workshop in Dorking. Manager Kamil Stec walks you around the technology and how customers are using it to optimise the production of technical components. 

“Being able to partner with a likeminded moulder that shares our engineering flair is important for both innovation and continuity. Right from the outset Broanmain has gone the extra mile. As well as helping up with the tooling design, we leaned on the team a lot for guidance on processing, tooling development and materials.” Anthony Gomme, Strategic Buyer, Specac Ltd.

Precision machining the fixture plates for a high end optical component


Making Kanban work for you

COVID-19 has exposed our global vulnerabilities and interdependencies, which will likely shift supply chain dynamics again. If like many OEMs you are re-evaluating supply chain options, talk to us about Kanban and how it can help you to reduce lead-times, avoid the need to estimate order sizes and smooth out peaks and troughs in sales.

Project continuity … from start to end

Do keep in mind when appointing toolmakers that many aren’t moulders. Understanding the moulding parameters for the production of the final component ensures it is fit-for-purpose. For this reason, we always get our production team involved in the prototype to consider what the final component will look like, the materials it will be made from and even the machines it will be made on.

Broanmain has managed well-over 200 bespoke tool projects on behalf of customers from concept to validation. If design assistance is required, this is outsourced to trusted design partner, Jedco. The tool is then made by a reputable workshop in China, helping to keep cost and lead times down. Throughout the process, our in-house engineers scrutinise the design and review all of the fully hardened samples.

Typically, a tool takes us 15 weeks to design, manufacturer, validate and ship to the UK. However, our trusted toolmaker can have several people working on different stages of the same tool, so it can be done faster. Broanmain will manage all elements to keep your project moving forward.

 Sustainable solutions

A well-made, high-quality master tool will enjoy a long and successful service life, running at least half a million components. In fact, figures upwards of four million moulded components are not uncommon. Broanmain has a dedicated maintenance team to keep tools in good working order. Being able to access the tool inserts and make changes to a master tool further down the line helps to extend the longevity of your tooling investment.

Broanmain has a dedicated maintenance team to maintain the optimum condition of every mould tool


Founded over 60 years ago, Broanmain Plastics is a business with strong family values


Social distancing made simple

Safeguard your employees’ health and welfare with the interlocking Trudec floor tile system made by Broanmain. More forgiving than traditional ceramic floor tiles and a versatile, longer lasting alternative to epoxy coatings, floor paints and stickers, the bespoke, REACH-compliant interlocking Trudec floor tile system can be designed to meet the most stringent Health & Safety and wellbeing requirements. Available in multiple colours and textures, leaders and facility managers can clearly mark out one-way walkways and queuing systems. Colour zones can also be used to delineate collaborative workspaces.

Customised layouts, directional messages, designated walkways and colour zones can protect employee welfare as COVID-19 lockdown measures are eased


Products and Services




Our Manumold and Sumitomo (SHI) Demag plastic injection moulding machines range from 25 to 550 tons with shot weight capacity up to 3500 grams. Our machines are equipped with mould tool heating, colour dosing, conveyors and material drying facilities, installed for all polymers. Giving us the capacity to mould micro precision components alongside larger parts


Hurco VM10i, with 10K RPM spindle and full Renishaw probing system (660 x 406 X 508 mm)

Achieves complex and repeatable 3D and 2D geometries and delivers better surface finishes on the most intricate of parts. Accuracy is further enhanced with the assistance of Renishaw’s TS27R tool setter and OMP400 part probe.


Semco LC 1 1/2 VS (760x 300x 400 mm)

Used for quick projects like drilling and facing

Harrison VS330TR (330 x 635 mm), with 3K RPM

Manual lathe used for simple cylindrical parts and individual bespoke parts.

Jones and Shipman 540 P (480x 170x 250mm), with Optidress

Used to grind very precise and flat surfaces +/- 0.005mm. With addition of Optidress wheel-forming attachment Broanmain can grind radiuses, angles and more complex shapes into work pieces.


Joemars 322 sinker EDM (600x 300x 400mm), with Erowa pallet system

To make precise burns in any conductive material, regardless of hardness. Used to machine shapes and forms into materials that can’t be accomplished using a manual or CNC milling machine, e.g. modifying features on an existing tool that has already hardened through electro-discharge machining.


Measuring equipment for producing accurate and repeatable products that comply with customer requirements.

Baty R14 profile projector, with 10x magnification

Very handy for measuring small through features such as slots and ribs

Renishaw OMP400

Accurate probe coordinate measurements.

Range of manual measuring equipment

Portable hardness tester

Granite surface plate (900 x 600 mm)

Measuring equipment for producing accurate and repeatable products that comply with customer requirements.


Fusion 360, with CAD/CAM

Solidworks 2019 + HSMworks, with CAD/CAM

Giving Broanmain complete control of the component design using 3D software to create digital drawings and then reproduce complex 3D contours repeatedly on technical components.


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