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JBO Thread Gauges from Stocdon in Cheltenham, have over 30 years in specialist tooling,  and are committed to bringing you the best.

JBO Thread Gauges are the ultimate solution for precision thread measuring across Europe and the UK. With additional recent success in Asia, JBO’s 70+ year track record in this programme is unmistakable.  With over 10,000 different thread dimensions and tolerances, covering threads from 0.5 – 250mm diameter,  enormous resistance to wear and of the highest precision, world’s largest range of TiCN coated, calibrated HSS Thread Plug Limit gauges are available exclusively from Stocdon.

In addition to the wide range, the development of MultiCheck dramatically cuts the time taken in checking  threads over a specified depth by measurement with a depth gauge.  The MultiCheck has a depth measuring sleeve which is screwed in and the depth up to 4 x normal thrad diameter can be read easily off the sleeve.  If this is not sufficient, then there is a Vernier MultiCheck with 0.1mm resolution, or a digital readout MultiCheck with 0.01mm.

JBO are always working on better and easier measuring, and so have developed  eMultiCheck a simple, user-friendly automated system for incorporating both thread and thread depth.  This system is worth a demonstration and can reduce the thread testing cycle by around 80%,  ideal for high volume production and recurring measurements.

JBO’s commitment to quality, development and technological advancements is well known throughout Europe and each product is manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, conforming to national and international standards.  All gauges are checked and certified, using a highly sophisticated testing process which takes place separately from production, in climate-controlled conditions to ensure the gauges are perfectly accurate.

Stocdon’s customers, from engineering merchants and the valve industry to those in motorsport to aerospace, all agree that “Stocdon has the latest thread gauge programme ever seen of standard products, with quick delivery, too”, and “the best prices in the UK, with Plug Gauges and Ring Gauges with a big advantage over the rest of the marketplace”.    These delighted customers have also noted that the quality of the tools exceed that of all UK competition, and Stocdon states that the only way to truly understand this enthusiasm is to try these great, cost-effective, problem-free thread gauges first-hand.

Stocdon’s reputation is widespread in sectors from engineering merchants and the valve industry to aerospace and motor sport.


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