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Your Sustainability Partner and leading Provider of Coolant Oil Saving Solutions

Start saving time and money by reclaiming the fresh coolant oil that is accumulated at the bottom of swarf bins and transferring it back into the machine’s main reservoir automatically.

We deliver products focusing on cost-cutting and optimization for the machining industry. Our primary customers are CNC machine shops of all sizes, that are constantly looking to gain a competitive edge and reduce the impact on the environment from the day-to day manufacturing processes.

Our Solutions

The Coolant Saver Kit Contains: 

  • Coolant Saver Unit
  • Vacuum (Filtered) with 3m 6mm PU Hose *can be increased as much as 10 metres
  • 1metre – 12mm Hose Outlet
  • Fittings – 1/2′ & 3/4′ T & Straight fitting Kit
  • Full step by step Guide *Technical Support available.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Typical Application:

  • Soluble Coolant on machines with Conveyors.
  • Neat oil up to 12cs on Sliding head low rated pumps.

The Oil Saver kit Contains: 

  • Oil Saver Unit.
  • Vacuum (Filtered) + Check Valve with 3m 6mm PU Hose *can be increased to 5metres.
  • 1metre – 12mm Hose Outlet.
  • Fittings – 1′ T & Straight fitting Kit (for sliding head with larger hoses).
  • Full step by step Guide *Technical Support available.
  • 1 Year Warranty

Typical Application:

  • Neat Oil on machines with Conveyors.
  • Neat oil up to and including 22cSt on sliding Head machine with low pressure pumps (recommended viscosity). Between 23-32cSt will be dependant on pump pressure on sliding head machine.

Keep it Covered Swarf Bin Covers


  • In line with the COHSS 2002 Directives to prevent exposure of metalworking fluid mist.
  • Customisable to any machine’s layout.
  • Specification sheet and Measuring service are available.
  • Made of a durable long-lasting material.
  • Smart visual window to control the level of swarf.
  • Cap-release for our Coolant/Oil Savers.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Customise it with company’s logo.

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