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Zeeko Ltd

Zeeko Ltd is a UK based Technology Company with Ultra-Precision Polishing Solutions for Optics and other Complex Surfaces.

Zephyr Polishing machines from Zeeko are the first automated freeform mould polishing machines to enter the market.

The Zephyr mould polishing package includes an automated 5 axis machine (based on the Fanuc Robodrill) with probing, coolant containment unit with micro-filtration all supported by the Zephyr tool package and ZephyrCAM software.

These are the building blocks that make the process so effective and efficient. Any defined CAD file can be imported into ZephyrCAM with its intuitive interface that, with a little practice and on line training, is simple to use on most mould geometries.

The system will produce Ra roughness values in the nanometer regime without degrading the form accuracy of the subject surface that will typically meet micron or sub-micron figures.

The success and simplicity of the polishing system is due to Zeeko’s extensive experience supplying machines to the optics and satellite industries where the requirements for form accuracy and roughness exceeds the mould industry by at least one order of magnitude!

The Zephyr mould polishing package is now joined by the finishing package for  3-D printed parts (Additive Manufacturing) in any AM material. This process is based on the ZephyrBOT first released at Interplas 2017 and uses the same principles as the Zephyr Machines but with reduced (but still impressive) accuracy and performance.

All of the above can be supplied in the UK backed with the very affordable “pay as you polish” financing package.

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