Supporting Young Engineers at Physical Digital

At Physical Digital, we have always supported young local engineers through various ways, from offering week long work experience placements to giving presentations about 3D scanning and its applications on university-level courses. By offering meaningful work experience, we give students the opportunity to gain an overview of a fast-moving engineering environment and to increase their interest and knowledge.

For over a decade, Physical Digital has been offering highly accurate 3D scanning, reverse engineering and quality inspection for a variety of different industry sectors. Using the highest resolution non-contact optical measurement systems produced by GOM (German metrology specialists), our expert engineers are able to capture the full external measurement data from physical objects without touching them.

cu-radoRado, Design Engineer at Physical Digital, states “To be an engineer requires a lot of attention to detail and determination. I would say that the earlier you start planning and “engineering” your career, the more pleasant journey you will have in the process of achieving your goals.

“Being creative and knowledgeable as well as being trustworthy are key in this kind of business because you are dealing with various clients from different industries.”

On the Tomorrow’s Engineers Week website is a profile of Rado’s journey to become a Design Engineer at Physical Digital, explaining how he gained a fulfilling career in the field of Computer Aided Design.

Reverse engineering from high-accuracy scan data


The cutting-edge 3D scanning systems work by capturing images using stereo cameras and a projector which passes a blue light fringe pattern across the surface of the object. The highly-accurate data captured through the optical measurement system is used to assure high quality projects, reduce errors and improve projects.  One of the potential design applications is reverse engineering – the procedure of creating 3D models and 2D drawings of physical objects from the scan data captured. Design is hugely important in the engineering sector and our in-house design team has expertise in producing CAD models for a wide range of sectors – from small-scale jewellery to complete vehicles.

To find out more about Physical Digital and the 3D scanning services we offer such as reverse engineering, contact us on 01483 750200 or email Twitter: @p2dme