As the name would suggest, Di-Spark’ s origins lie within the evolution of EDM machining since the early 1980s, but this Hampshire-based specialist subcontractor  has taken its use within precision engineering to the very highest degree.


By investing in the very latest technology, they have automated their spark erosion cell by combining a System 3R WorkPartner robot with their AgieCharmilles Form 2000 HP machine to provide major advantages to their customers.


“Creating an automated production cell initially meant that we could add more efficiency and productivity to a job that was done more conventionally in the past,” said Production Director, Philip LeClercq. “ It not only gives us the ability to run 24/7, but also the assured accuracy, quality and increased productivity ensure that shorter lead times are a reality with component costs being monitored  and controlled.”

Working problem-free since it was installed some 2½ years ago, the automated cell was instrumental in Di-Spark securing a major aerospace components contract.

The WorkPartner has a compact footprint, so fits into most production locations and is easy to fit with workpieces and electrodes. Palletisation allows setting-up when the machine is running and facilitates continuous lights-out operation. The WorkPartner incorporates 10 positions for 320x320mm pallets and up to 90 positions for electrodes, allowing the machine to be programmed for a series of jobs which will have cycle times that vary from 20 minutes to 3 hours or more and incorporating changing combinations of electrodes.

“Thanks to the WorkPartner from System 3R, the productivity of the cell is excellent and we have successfully reached our projected volume and payback targets,” said Philip LeClercq, It is no wonder that the company’s mantra is ‘delivering productivity without compromise’ !

System 3R, Paradise Way,Walsgrave Triangle,Coventry, West Midlands CV2 2ST Tel: 024 7653 8653




Di-Spark cell:

The System 3R WorkPartner robot working alongside the AgieCharmilles Form 2000 HP spark erosion machine