Tailored metrology that hits the spot

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The Sempre Group introduces Novacam for hard-to-reach measurements

So that manufacturers can solve difficult measurement challenges, industrial metrology specialist, The Sempre Group, has introduced several new Novacam 3D metrology systems. The customisable Microcam 3-D and 4-D interferometers come with a variety of non-contact and fibre-based optical probes and scanners, ensuring highly versatile quality control at micron-resolution. Users will be able to acquire dimension, thickness, roughness and defect data even for hard-to-reach spaces such as bores, tubes and edge breaks. All probes are fully configurable for automated inspection, allowing users to introduce cost-cutting and time-saving measures into existing inspection set-ups.

The Sempre Group will offer this new system with multiple product configurations — TubeInspect, EdgeInspect, BoreInspect and SurfaceInspect. For example, TubeInspect, is for internal and external measurement of tubes, and BoreInspect, is for internal measurement of bores and tubes. SurfaceInspect and EdgeInspect, are best used for non-contact metrology of edges and radii. Unlike contact probes, the non-contact probes and sensors used in Novacam’s devices do not wear out, removing the recurring costs of expensive consumables.

Each tool provides thorough 3D measurements, data on high-aspect-ration features, reduced inspection cycle times of up to 100,000 measurements per second and flexible options for evaluating inspected parts. The system’s versatility allows customers to deploy configurations individually or together to best meet requirements.

“When implemented in large scale and high-cost manufacturing processes, Novacam’s designs are incredibly versatile and powerful,” explained Mike G John, head of engineering at The Sempre Group. “Traditionally, parts like landing gears or injector nozzles with narrow internal spaces were very complicated to measure with this level of accuracy — TubeInspect makes it feasible.

“For those in highly regulated industries manufacturing parts with any form of barrel or a narrow cylindrical shape, the level of detail provided by these sensors is unprecedented,” continued Mike G John. “The potential for automated testing and reporting is substantial and could help engineers inspect features previously difficult or impossible to measure to this resolution.”

 With a variety of possible measurement set-ups and initial calibration, The Sempre Group can tailor Novacam’s metrology systems to aerospace, automotive, defence, medical technology and electronics applications. The Sempre team offers a full suite of metrology solutions, including software and hardware, and can easily integrate new technology with existing equipment. To learn how The Sempre Group can help you implement automated testing and reporting, visit