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Specialist CADCAM trimming precision process

Specialist CADCAM Trimming Precision Process Tebis utilises a very simple and concise method of the vector manipulation, this allow creating very accurate toolpaths around the trimming profile, very quickly and simply. Andrew Walters, application engineer from Tebis UK explains: “I believe that we are the market leader in the trimming world, most of other CAM providers are using the conventional 5-axis toolpaths.” Optimise Toolpath Vectors and Tilt Directors Machine safety Having a variety of tools that can accurately and concisely adjust tool direction means that ... Read more

Automated intelligent manufacturing and feature technology

Paul Scally, operations manager at Tebis UK explains about Tebis automation and the features-based technology Firstly, why do companies need Tebis automation? Many companies have engineers who are programming in different ways, there is inconsistent quality in the parts or maybe they are not getting the best use out of their CAD/CAM systems and this is where Tebis can help. What we aim to do is to standardise your processes with automation and improve the quality with all the components at the ... Read more

VERICUT V8.2 features seamless access to Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus® ToolLibrary

CGTech, developer of the world’s leading independent CNC verification, simulation and optimisation software, VERICUT, has announced that its latest release, Version 8.2, will include a seamless interface with the Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus® ToolLibrary. Making it easy for customers to work with Sandvik Coromant tools. VERICUT accurately simulates all aspects of the CNC machining process to identify errors in the NC programs, such as collisions, over-travel, gouges and so on. Using VERICUT, manufacturers can verify the NC program before it is transferred to ... Read more

CGTech Announces 3 UK-Wide VERICUT User Exchange Events

CGTech Announces 3 UK-Wide VERICUT User Exchange Events Hove, England – Each year CGTech hosts numerous VERICUT User Exchange (VUE) meetings around the world for its customers and partners. In 2017, more than 1,600 VERICUT users attended over 45 VUE events in 15 countries. This year CGTech Ltd. has announced 3 UK VUE events to take place throughout September and October. The first event will be held on 19th September at the Advanced Forming Research Centre, Renfrewshire. A further 2 events will then ... Read more