Ceratizit Group and AMRC look to the future

As a Tier One Member of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) the Ceratizit Group is active in developing new technologies to improve productivity across a range of industrial sectors, including the expanding and evolving aerospace sector. A recent workshop held at the AMRC was attended by 45 engineering specialists from Ceratizit Group companies representing 14 countries in which Ceratizit Group is significantly active in the aerospace segment of the market.

In addition to bringing together some of the best technical engineers under one roof to share product and application insights, the Ceratizit Group Engineers also had the opportunity to hear keynote speakers Jamie McGourlay, Rolls Royce’s Technology Partnership Manager at the AMRC and Stuart Dawson Chief Technical Officer AMRC, present their thoughts on the future direction of aerospace manufacturing.

Jamie McGourlay focused on Rolls Royce’s 5- 10- and 20-year strategic vision for civil aircraft engines, emphasising the challenges being faced to deliver dramatic reductions in C02, NOx and noise emissions. This will involve new materials and new machining technologies and creating great opportunities and demand for tooling manufacturers. Stuart Dawson highlighted the potential for electrification of air transport looking at complete electric aircraft for short haul as well as hybrids for long-haul. Driving this are countries like Norway, which is mandating that all short haul electric flights must be all-electric with zero-emissions by 2040. Key participants in this move are established businesses such as Airbus, Rolls Royce and Siemens who are investing in this with the aim of complete electric passenger aircraft in the A320 class. These companies are joined by new entrants to the market, like Wright Electric. Advances in battery technology to deliver higher energy density (in the 500 watt-hour /kg range and lightweight electric motors in the 20MW class will be at the forefront of this development.

Nathan Paxton, UK & Ireland Business Development Manager, Industry Solutions & Business Partners commented: “This event highlights the depth of knowledge available within the Ceratizit Group when it comes to specific industry sectors, such as aerospace, and how we can combine that knowledge to deliver the optimum cutting tool solutions to our customers.”