Textures and Finishes on Aluminium Injection Mould Tooling

RP Technologies are the UK’s leading manufacturer of aluminium injection mould tooling along with prototype and production plastic injection moulded components. Through precision engineering combined with a wealth of experience we manufacture tooling for a whole range of industries for either prototype and development or low volume production from our UK based manufacturing facility in the West Midlands.

There is a huge range of surface textures and finishes that we can offer on our aluminium tooling, and each customer project has its own specific requirements which we work towards. The texture or finish is applied to the mould tool, which gives the injection moulded components the desired effect. Below are some of the reasons that customers choose to have texturing on their tooling and components:

Why do parts get textured?
Aesthetics – aside from looking nice, textures can grab attention, show the appearance of depth and improve the perceived value of a product. Textures are also used to make the plastic look like something else, for example the marine industry specify wood grain whereas the automotive industry favour a leather grain.

  • To add grip – Textured parts are easier to hold which improves usability and increases safety in certain applications.
  • To disguise blemishes such as minor sink marks, weld lines and flow marks.
  • Soft materials such as TPE and TPU are easier to remove from the mould with a light matte finish.
  • Dull textures help to eliminate light reflection.
  • Certain textures can hide fingerprints smudges on high-use products.
  • Better adhesion when applying paint or stickers, if the surface has a slight texture then the paint or stickers will bond more successfully to the component than a glossy finish.


In-house at RP we can offer a variety of finishes to include bead blasts, high polish, commercial polishes, and a range of VDI finishes. However, if a customer requires a complex surface texture or finish we work closely with our trusted supplier, Gravutex Eschmann.

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