Three reasons not to miss the next KYOCERA SGS Lunch & Learn event

What happens when you combine industry leaders, updates on the latest machine manufacturing technology and a good lunch?

Great things.


That’s certainly true for previous KYOCERA SGS Lunch & Learn events and it’s looking to be the same for the next one. Due to take place at the KYOCERA SGS head office in Wokingham on May 22nd in partnership with CG-Tech and LMg Solutions, here are three reasons not to miss it:

Reason 1. Insight

Insight isn’t only knowledge of what’s happening right now, it’s also a perspective on what’s around the corner. That’s a big part of every Lunch & Learn and May’s event is no exception. This time, the theme is Single operation manufacture and optimisation of complex components.  Attendees will be able to hear from industry leaders on how to apply new technologies to make significant time savings, improve cutting tool and machine life and maximise and reduce the costs of manufacturing machined aerospace and automotive components. Not bad for one morning away from the office.

Reason 2. Connections

The focus of every KYOCERA SGS Lunch & Learn event is sharing and that means even more than the valuable knowledge shared by the speakers.  Attendees will also have plenty of chances to share insights with each other in an informal and relaxed way. With previous events attracting a high calibre audience from top aerospace manufacturing and machining, medical and motorsport companies, there will be lots of opportunities on the 22nd May to make new connections and strengthen old ones! Not only between talks, but over a good lunch too. The lunch aspect of previous Lunch & Learn events has certainly proved effective at building links between companies and the next one is sure to be no different.

 Reason 3. Your business

The best reason to attend the next KYOCERA SGS event? Your business. Given how fast the market moves, companies need to stay up to date. But for business-owners and managers, the perpetual question is whether to take time out to attend industry events. After all, there are plenty around these days. The trick is to identify those geared up to helping companies succeed by providing up to date knowledge about emerging technologies. This means finding events which actively support manufacturers to find new ways to reduce manufacturing time and manual intervention, cut down on machine down-time and create potential material savings. And which provide plenty of opportunities for informal networking opportunities too. All of which is exactly what attendees can look forward to in Wokingham on the 22nd May.

With so many good reasons, the question isn’t why you should go to the KYOCERA SGS May Lunch & Learn event. The question is – Why wouldn’t you go?