Through Coolant Toolholder – Parting/Grooving

Craftsman Tools has been at the forefront of toolholding for over 60 years while establishing relationships and long term agreements with both machine and machine tool builders

Being committed to the continued expansion of our Toolholding range to suit customers’ needs; we are developing a new range of toolholders suitable for delivering high pressure coolant through the cutting tip of static tools in the effort of reducing production costs and improving quality.


High pressure coolant feed (up to 70 bar)Toolholder

  • Internal coolant feed;delivers coolant directly through the cutting tip
  • External coolant feed; nozzle adjustable
  • Quick & easy coolant feed adjustment (internal I external I both)
  • Allows for fine adjustment of tool height
  • Modular system to increase affective stock levels
  • Compatible with various sizes of Sandvik CoroCut QD tooling blades
  • Suitable for deep grooves and long overhangs
  • Each holder can be specified as forward or reverse turn & with an Outboard blade (for main spindle) or Inboard blade (for sub sub spindle)


Please click here for the product information sheet/specifications