Uddeholm Dievar – Pushing performance to new limits!

It is human nature to stick to what we know and be couscous, as the saying goes “if it’s not broken why fix it” but if we never pushed the boundaries of what we could achieve we would never make progress. At Uddeholm we believe in this process of constant improvement and development which is how we are now able to manufacture tool steel which has been pushed to new levels of toughness and performance never seen before, Uddeholm Dievar 25 Joules! (Figure 1) in full article.

This new tool steel development from Uddeholm gives you the perfect balance between toughness and heat checking solutions for HPDC (High-pressure die casting) and other applications.
The new Uddeholm Dievar gives you the customer,

• More quality cast parts for all common size ranges

• Lower cost production

• Longer tool life

• Excellent heat checking resistance

• Best toughness in its class in NADCA (North American Die Casting Association)

• Developed for large dies and inserts

The new Uddeholm Dievar is now available to purchase from all Uddeholm sales companies and has been approved and set into the new NADCA #207-2018 document. This new steel has been developed for the automotive industry with the new e-mobility and structural parts as the focus.

So why when Uddeholm Dievar can offer so much better performance do most die makers, foundries and OEM’s in HPDC still select the tool steel grades AISI H13 or AISI H11? Amazingly, both these grades pre-date the middle of the last century. Can these steels really help solve the biggest problems faced by tool users today compared to Uddeholm Dievar? What about the problems faced in production with new structural and e-mobility parts with the growth of Hybrid and EV (electric vehicle)? Are the failures in structural and e-mobility parts the same as in the more traditional castings such as powertrain and transmission?

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