Universal Robot and Optical Scanning System to Feature on Bowers Group’s MACH Stand

Bowers Group is excited to announce that there will be a live demonstration of a Universal UR5 robot on stand at MACH Exhibition, working in conjunction with the new Sylvac F60 Optical Scanning system.

As a complete measuring solution for even the most demanding of cylindrical parts, the Sylvac Scan F60 optical measuring centre boasts high quality, Swiss made camera and optics, offering superior image processing, speed and quality. Perfectly illustrating the capabilities of Industry 4.0, the Universal UR5 robot facilitates the loading and unloading of the parts in and out of the Sylvac Scan machine, negating the need for an operator and enabling 24/7 operation.

With a working demonstration on Bowers Group’s MACH Exhibition stand H18 – 310, visitors will be able to find out more about how the robot facilitates the automation of the Sylvac Scan machine, enabling it to measure all the external features on cylindrical parts rapidly and accurately as an automated solution. The Sylvac-Scan has the capability to communicate directly with the robot, sending it valuable information for part classification and status; such as pass, fail, or rework.

Bowers Group UK Sales Manager Martin Hawkins said: “We are delighted to offer visitors the chance to see Industry 4.0 in action with our products. The live demo will perfectly illustrate the Sylvac-Scan’s capability to communicate with the robot, opening up endless possibilities for continuous, accurate and efficient operation.”

The stand will also feature Bluetooth gauges from Bowers Group and Sylvac, further illustrating the interoperability between machines, devices and people.  Visit Bowers Group at MACH 2018 from April 9–13th at NEC, Birmingham, stand number H18 – 310.