VISI Means Medals And World Titles For Skeleton Racers

Britain’s number one skeleton racer for the last 20 years says the VISI CAD/CAM applications are vital in keeping the sport’s leading athletes at the top of their game. “We need the world’s best, to help the world’s best.”

When not hurling himself down bob-sled tracks at 90 miles an hour on a small high-tech sled, Kristan visi and bromleyBromley designs and manufacturers sleds for 22 nations preparing for the next Winter Olympics, including Britain, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and Korea.

He has one world championship under his belt, two overall world series titles, numerous British national titles, and is three-times European champion. In 2008 he became the first man in history to win the World Championship, European Championship and World Cup in the same season. The British media nicknamed him Doctor Ice because he gained a PhD from Nottingham University with a thesis entitled “Factors affecting the performance of skeleton bobsleds”.