WDS expands its range of levelling feet with new materials, sizes and options


Engineering components manufacturer WDS Component Parts Ltd. has added new options to its range of leveling feet, so is now able to offer over 2,000 different variations.

Levelling feet, or machine mounts as they are also known, are used to ensure that the equipment they are supporting can be adjusted so that it is level, even if the floor is not. User requirements for any particular duty can vary enormously, hence the need for the wide range.

WDS has always had levelling feet in its catalogue, with the range growing as new requirements emerge. The latest additions to the range include offering high-performance 316 stainless steel options as standard rather than to order. These will complement the existing 303 stainless, 304 stainless and zinc-coated steel options already available. New intermediate sizes of 304 feet have also been added to the range.

All the new additions will be available with both fixed and swiveling bases and in sizes M6 to M24 as standard, with other sizes available on request. The threaded shafts which give the feet their levelling capability can be supplied in various lengths from 50mm to 300mm, and they are available with standard metric threads.

There is also a choice in the type of base material including a range of steels or engineering plastics. Plastic bases are unlikely to scratch the floor, an important consideration in clean rooms, hygienic environments, retail spaces, etc. They are molded, so can be supplied in a number of shapes, including low profile and vibration absorbing.

Steel feet are generally stronger, and the stainless steel options can withstand harsh operation conditions, such as the presence of steam or corrosive chemicals. PVC covers and non-slip pads are available for metal bases.

Both plastic and steel feet can be supplied in a number of shapes sizes from 40mm diameter to 125mm diameter to meet particular applications needs. They can also incorporate features such as holes for holding down bolts.

A complimentary innovation that is being introduced alongside the new feet is a tube insert which allows easy mounting to box section support legs and machine frames.

Like all WDS components, the leveling feet are available to view online with 2D and 3D CAD models available for download, along with full technical specifications, selection advice, installation instructions and video presentations. Once purchases have been selected, website visitors can move seamlessly to order online. Telephone ordering and a helpline are also available and WDS prides itself that dispatch is always prompt and accurate, with most UK deliveries being next-day.