WDS expands its stainless steel handwheels offering

Three new sizes have been added to engineering components supplier WDS Component Part’s range of stainless steel handwheels, so that end users and OEMs can select an appropriate size for each application.

Previously offering a sinlge size, but with a choice of round or keywayed mounting hole, WDS now includes in its catalogue stainless steel handwheels in 100mm, 160mm, 200mm, and 315mm overall diameter. The choice of round or keywayed mounting hole remains for all sizes.

All variations are machined from cast stainless steel (grade S3100:1991:316C16F) with the rim given a polished finish. They weigh from 500g for the smallest wheels to 6,200g for the largest. The three smaller sizes are all three-spoke designs; the largest 315mm wheels have five spokes.

Ergonomics is important for handwheels, as they have to ‘feel right’ and have a profile that is easy to use. To this end, the rim is relatively wide (15mm to 35mm) and easy to grip. Further the rise generated by the angle of the spokes produces a generous space (17mm to 33mm) between the rim and the machine or panel behind it, making the wheel easy to use and reducing the risk of fingers feeling like they are too big.

The stainless steel handwheels complement WDS’s already extensive range of wheels that are made of pressed steel, cast iron, aluminium or glass fibre reinforced plastic. There are expected to prove popular in fields such as marine and shoreside, pharmaceutical and chemical production, medical equipment, food preparation and any applications where regular washdowns with water or caustic solutions are required. The wheels are also expected to prove popular in applications where a high quality aesthetic is required.

WDS is a leading manufacturer and stockist of standard industrial and machine parts including hinges, castors, wheels, gas struts, work holding equipment and many other components. It maintains stock levels of all components such that it can provide express delivery to users in the UK and around the world. Full technical details of all products are available on its easy to use website (, including 2D and 3D CAD drawing downloads, installation videos and useful information.

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