WDS extends its handwheel portfolio to offer the industry’s largest range

WDS has expanded its range of handwheels with a new aluminium three-spoke offering suitable for a broad spread of machinery applications.

The polished, cast aluminium handwheels are available in eight diameters from 100mm to 500mm, and with a choice of bore options that include H7 hole, keyway hole, pilot hole and square hole. Each handwheel is available with a fixed or rotating grip in a number of different styles.



The new additions extend what WDS believes to be the industry’s largest range of high quality handwheels, with the ultimate choice of options. The WDS range includes aluminium, cast iron, pressed steel and stainless steel, as well as different plastics such as glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP), thermoplastics and Bakelite. It also embraces spoked and solid wheels.

All WDS handwheels options come in a range of diameters and have options for fitting holes.

Spoked handwheels are frequently chosen for machinery adjustment and calibration duties and WDS offers the broadest spread of material options to meet the needs of different applications, including stainless steel for use in corrosive or demanding environments and in hygiene-sensitive applications such as the food industry.

Where a non-spoked design is preferred, perhaps for specific safety or aesthetic reasons, WDS has a wide range of solid handwheels in aluminium, Bakelite and thermoplastic. Models can be operated or cranked via a hand grip, while selected styles have either a revolving grip or a folding grip. Smaller positioning wheels are also available with various coloured caps.

WDS complements its handwheels with a vast portfolio of fixed and rotating grips in different styles to offer the best ergonomic grip and materials to best suit the application requirements. Fixed handgrips allow the user to accurately operate the handwheel for precision adjustment, while WDS also stocks a number of revolving grips that allow rapid handwheel operation.

A wide range of shaft position indicators and control knobs is also available from WDS. The shaft position indicators are available in vertical and horizontal orientations, with models offering up to five-digit indication. Control knobs available include graduated knobs, adjusting knobs and arrow buttons, and may be supplied with coloured caps.


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