Wireless Gauging Technology


The ability to take measurements directly on the shop floor and transmit them wirelessly speeds up the quality assurance process. Mahr offers wireless measuring devices for the networked factory of the future. MarCom Software enables fast and easy setup of measuring stations with wireless data transfer to the PC.

Measuring with digital Micromar micrometers, MarCal calipers and MarCator indicators from Mahr is simple and efficient. These gauges come equipped with ‘Integrated Wireless’ transmission capability that significantly increases speed and flexibility for the user. For example, when measuring on the machine or on larger workpieces, there is no need to run troublesome cables. This speeds up the setup process and provides efficient data processing, especially for quality control in production or incoming inspection.


Data transmission via radio also simplifies the recording and documenting process, especially in the networked factory of the fourth Industrial Revolution. By using a button on the instrument, keyboard, timer, remote control or foot switch, the acquired data send from the gauge to the wireless receiver. This connects to the data acquisition software. The i-Stick receiver plugs into the USB port of the computer. Each i-Stick can receive data from up to eight gauges using ‘Integrated Wireless’. In conjunction with the hardware, Mahr offers MarCom Professional 5.2 Software as a FREE download that enables fast and easy setup of measuring stations with wireless data transfer to the PC. Acquired measurement data can be stored in existing MS Excel templates, as text files, or SPC software. The MarCom cell control is highly flexible. Measured values from connected devices transfer automatically into separate Excel columns, tables, or files, ensuring the reliability of measurement data documentation. Furthermore, the MarCom Software enables readings passed on through an integrated virtual interface box to numerous data-collection software systems.