WNT focuses on new developments at MACH

The display of cutting tool technology at MACH 2018 (stand H19-500) from WNT (Part of the Ceratizit Group) will focus on recently introduced products and the productivity benefits that these innovations can bring.















Among these products are WNT’s Direct Cooling system for parting and grooving; the new WTX-Change Feed drilling system; WTX-Ti high-performance drills; and CircularLine CCR-UNI solid carbide end mills.

Direct Cooling

The latest generation of parting and grooving blades from WNT feature its Direct Cooling capability to ensure cutting fluid is delivered directly to the cutting area. In directing the coolant in this way on its grooving and parting-off system improves machining performance in terms of reduced tool wear and thermal load, which in turn leads to improved process security, allowing users to maximise cutting data and improve productivity.

Available on WNT’s blade-type toolholders the direct cooling system has two exit points for cutting fluid, one positioned above the cutting edge, the other directly below, with the system being effective when used with a variety of coolant pressures and, even at <20 bar the benefits of reduced flank and crater wear are evident. With higher coolant pressures additional gains such as greater swarf control also come into effect. The result is that cutting speed can be increased by between 20 and 40 per cent dependant on the available coolant pressure.

The direct cooling system was developed alongside WNT’s DC-SX clamping blocks into which the blades sit. The design of the DC-SX blocks allow them to be used with any coolant connection, reducing the requirement for additional pipe connections. Coolant is delivered through the block directly into the clamped side of the blade, ensuring a good seal and also allowing a variety of overhang lengths to be used, without any negative impact on coolant delivery performance.

The Direct Cooling system is available for use with inserts ranging from 2 mm to 6 mm in width, with a choice of carbide grades, either uncoated or with WNT’s legendary Dragonskin coatings, which covers the majority of everyday grooving and parting-off scenarios. This is backed by a variety of blades for both specific and generic applications.

WTX-Change Feed

The new WTX-Change Feed drills are an amalgamation of the best of WNT’s WTX-Feed and WTX-Change drilling systems to create a three-fluted drilling system with interchangeable carbide drill heads. The result of which is increased cutting data in the most challenging of applications, with feed rates between 50 – 100 per cent higher than conventional drilling. The additional benefit is improved process security due to the new cutting geometry design, drill body material and the use of the proven Ti 750 tool coating.


WTX-Change Feed drills are available between 14 and 32 mm diameter in 0.1 mm increments, as well as two standard flute lengths of 3-times and 5-times diameter, all with through tool coolant as standard. The interchangeable carbide drill heads are manufactured from a carbide grade suitable for universal applications in steel and cast iron. The new geometry features innovative point thinning and self-centring chisel edge to ensure accurate positioning, even on angled surfaces up to 6 degrees and in intermittent cutting applications.

CircularLine CCR-UNI

Solid carbide cutters in the WNT range fall into two main categories, Mastertool and Standard, with the Mastertool series representing premium quality tools for high performance applications. Mastertool cutters are designed for specific applications and generate exceptional performance as a result, included within these is the new Circularline CCI-UNI range of cutters. CircularLine cutters deliver shorter machining times and longer tool life and are the ‘go-to’ choice for trochoidal milling where extended tool engagement and consistent average chip thickness are key. The design of WNT’s CircularLine cutters ensures optimum and effective machining processes.

The latest addition to the range, the CircularLine CCR-UNI is available for universal trochoidal milling as a 4xD end mill and a 3xD end mill with a shorter chip breaker, to provide maximum chip evacuation dependent on application. Diameter range is between 6 mm and 20 mm dependent on the application and article selected. Customers that operate under challenging conditions that place high demands on production and quality, should consider the Mastertool series as a starting point.

WTX-Ti High Performance Drills

Developed for the drilling of difficult-to-cut, tough or heat-resistant materials efficiently and reliably, the WTX-Ti High Performance Drills from WNT offer maximum performance. The drills feature an optimised geometry featuring what WNT describes as a stabilisation chamfer on the cutting edge, which improves drilling accuracy. In addition, the design of the flutes and drill core enable increased cutting data and productivity to be achieved due to improved swarf evacuation. Performance is also enhanced by use of WNT’s DPA 54 multi-layer coating technology. This high-end coating is ideal for difficult-to-cut, robust, hardening, heat-resistant non-ferrous special materials such as titanium, titanium alloys, Inconel and all stainless steels and exotic materials such as V4A, Hastelloy and duplex steels. It benefits from high hardness and heat resistance, with resistance to oxidisation up to 800 deg C. The result is tool life improvement of almost 100 per cent when drilling titanium alloys and almost 50 per cent when machining Inconel.The WTX-Ti High Performance Drills are available in diameters ranging from 7.1 mm through to 20 mm with 3 and 5 x diameter flute lengths as standard along with through tool coolant.

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