HCR 1325 grade completes WNT’s parting and grooving range

With the introduction of its new HCR 1325 grade WNT has fully updated its parting and grooving insert range with its innovative Dragonskin coating. The addition of this final grade enhances the parting range as well as simplifying insert selection and reducing costs.


15-435-WNT-HCR 1325 Parting and Grooving 2WNT’s Dragonskin high technology tool coatings continue to grow and the latest development, HCR 1325 not only completes the current parting and grooving range, it is also able to replace three previous grades for these applications. The significant investment in the research and development of powder metallurgy led to the creation of Dragonskin, the result being unprecedented levels of performance in machining, while enhancing process security, HCR 1325 is the latest incarnation of this investment. The grade, which sits within the ISO P25 / K30 sector, is ideal for the machining of steel and cast iron, providing optimum performance, wear resistance and toughness and it becomes WNT’s first choice for the parting and grooving of steel and cast iron. HCR 1325 supersedes the previous HCF1325, CWN27 and CWX25 and is ideally suited to stable cutting conditions where it can be used in wet or dry applications, with the inserts delivering excellent chip control, reduced cutting forces, reduced built-up edge and, significantly reduce tool wear. A combination that enhanced tool life helps to reduce cutting tool costs, improve productivity and enhance process security.



The superior performance of HCR 1325 lies in the special layer structure that has been created during its development. The new grade features several layers of aluminium oxide, each with a thickness of between 500 to 700 nanometres, combined with TiCNB (Titanium carbo-nitride Boron). These layers then sit on top of a titanium carbo-nitride (TiCN) PVD Coating, layer, which protects the carbide substrate. A unique result of this mix of coatings is that the coating reflects light, much as a prism would, the result is that what should be a black insert appears to be green and red, the result of which makes spotting wear on the insert much easier as the wear alters the surface structure and by default the colour of the cutting edge.’


HCR 1325 is available across the WNT parting and grooving range in both single and double edged insert styles. The five insert groupings are: GX Grooving System, which is a double edged insert for parting, grooving and groove-turning. The universal SX grooving system, a single ended insert with dedicated chipbreakers for grooving, parting and copy turning operations with excellent chip control. The single edge FX grooving system provides specialised chip breaking geometries for fine machining of unstable parts through to high speed machining under stable conditions. The final group is the LX grooving system is another single edge insert style developed for extreme cutting applications with insert widths starting 8.0 mm.


“Once more the developments that we are introducing are having major benefits for customers through increased performance and profitability. HCR 1325 will help to enhance productivity and reduce manufacturing and overall cutting tool costs. As with the rest of the Dragonskin range these inserts offer our customers a significant competitive advantage,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).

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