WNT invests to make carbide greener

WNT (UK) has announced a group wide recycling service to customers using carbide tooling. The group had made a major investment at its group manufacturing facility in Reuter, Austria, to allow recycling of carbide that was left over in the manufacturing process. However, the capacity for recycling that this facility has created means that WNT can now offer this service to its customers.

WNT-Carbide Recycling Box

In a similar process to WNT’s existing carbide drill regrinding service, any customer wishing to recycle old carbide simply contacts WNT (UK) on 0800 073 2073, who will supply them with a green recycling box which, when full, will be collected and sent back for recycling. The customer will then have credit added to their account based on a fixed price per kilo of scrap carbide, this can then be used to purchase new tools from WNT’s extensive range.“We all know we should recycle, but it is often seen as a chore. Therefore we have designed this recycling initiative with simplicity and efficiency in mind. All the customer has to do is e-mail or telephone our office in Sheffield and we will organise everything else from delivery of the recycling box and its collection when full. Our customers will benefit from a seamless system of recycling old carbide and also financially as by recycling they will be reducing there consumable tooling costs,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).