WNT's new WTX-Ti Drill

The latest generation of cutting tool technology has been unveiled by WNT (UK). Of particular interest to those in the aerospace sector, faced with the challenges posed by heat resistant super alloys, the new WTX–Ti range of solid carbide drills offers distinct advantages when drilling these materials.


The key to the success of the WTX-Ti drills is the special geometry created by WNT to overcome the specific issues of drilling these materials. The geometry features optimised web thinning that assists in generating much shorter swarf, ensuring that the cutting area is kept clear at all times. A situation further enhanced by the through tool coolant supply. The drill point also has an active centre cutting feature that provides greater centring accuracy as the drill enters the workpiece. The design benefits go beyond the drill point, though and the development of an extremely stable core maximises feed rates and also generates increased process security and reduces cutting forces.


Combined with these cutting geometry features is the use by WNT of the latest in tool coating technology. The ultra-smooth coating that is applied to the WTX-Ti drills extends tool life at elevated cutting data due to it limiting the ability of swarf to stick to the drill, assisting the geometry in ensuring optimum evacuation of chips from the cutting area. Cutting data when drilling nickel-based alloys is between 35 and 45 m/min surface speed and feedrates up to 0.2 mm/rev dependant on diameter and flute length. The WT-Ti range is available in 3x and 5x diameter flute lengths as standard, with drill sizes between 4.00 and 20.00 mm, in increments of 0.1 mm up to 10 mm diameter.



“’The growth of the aerospace sector in the UK and the linked increase in use of these heat resistant alloys continue to pose significant productivity challenges for those involved in metalcutting. That is why we continue to develop and introduce new and innovating cutting tool products, such as the WTX-Ti drills, Ti-HPC solid carbide cutters and the A2520 series of indexable insert milling cutters. All of which are helping to dramatically reduce machining costs through lower cycle times, extended tool life and therefore reduced tooling budgets,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, WNT (UK).