Yamazaki Mazak set to open new machine tool museum in 2019

Yamazaki Mazak is set to open its own historic Machine Tool Museum on the 100th anniversary of its founding.

The Machine Tool Museum

The new museum, which will open in Autumn 2019, is located in Minokamo-city, Japan, in the newly renovated underground factory of Yamazaki Mazak Optonics Corporation, currently home of the company’s laser manufacturing operations.

The interactive museum will give visitors the opportunity to see, touch and learn about machine tools and their history. The overall aim of the new facility is to celebrate the history of machining and also educate the next generation of engineers.

Machine tools, commonly referred to as “Mother machines”, are used to make a wide variety of components used across industry, from aerospace through to automotive, medical and energy applications. The museum will exhibit traditional machine tools in operation, as well as showcase the many products machined on them, including a steam train, cars and aircraft.

In addition, the museum will also be equipped with a Flexible Manufacturing System area, where the latest machine tools, with integrated Internet of Things capability, will be displayed. This will give visitors an insight into machine development, from the earliest single axis lathes through to the most modern multi-axis machining centres.