5 trending topics of manufacturing metrology by Alicona

What drives your production? 5 trending topics of manufacturing metrology.

What determines your competitive advantage? Consistently high quality combined with short control loops are just as important for modern manufacturing processes as the right flexibility to adapt processes to changing production conditions. This is achieved through integrated measurement technology that monitors process stability and product quality. In today’s newsletter, you’ll find out more about the 5 trending topics in the field of automated production measurement technology and how to benefit from these new developments.


Teach-in measurements in 3 steps
for an automated pick-and-place measurement procedure
Using Pick & Place you are able to teach-in an automated measurement procedure in only three steps. A robot automatically places the component in the correct measuring position and then after measurement in the respective OK and NOK pallet.


Measure edge break and defects
on critical aircraft engine parts
To prevent high stress and breakage of parts, Alicona metrology is used to ensure that the break edge geometry corresponds to specifications. 3D measurements enable to quantify defects on surfaces.



Redefining roughness and cutting edge measurement
New standards and guidelines
New ISO standards for surface roughness measurement specify terms, definitions and parameters for the determination of surfaces. A planned VDI guideline is also intended to create new standards for the measurement and evaluation of edges and radii.


Live Webinar – In cooperation with OSG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of round tools, we invite you to our upcoming webinar. In a live conversation with Magnus Hoyer from OSG Germany, you will learn more about the measurement and quality assurance of drills, cutters and threading tools. You will also gain insights into new solutions for measurement automation that enable you to integrate measurement processes into existing ERP and quality management systems. 


Increase production readiness of new manufacturing techniques. The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre AMRC with Boeing supports manufacturers of any size to become more competitive by introducing advanced techniques, technologies and processes. In this video AMRC experts talk about how they benefit from optical 3D metrology by Alicona. See how Alicona helps them to analyze the machineabilty of new materials and tools as well as to receive information about cutting processes.